Sunday 14 October 2012

Simple Halloween decorations from toilet roll tubes

We made these very simple Halloween decorations from toilet roll tubes, some paint and good old googly eyes. I like making things from toilet roll tubes, and we seem to get through so many in our house!

The ghost is a toilet roll tube painted white, with slits cut into the bottom. The bat is painted black with simple wings from coloured paper. The spider is a cut down toilet roll, with legs made by cutting slits at the bottom. Each pumpkin is half a toilet roll tube, painted orange and with a face made from black paper.

I especially like the toilet roll tube pumpkins, I think that they would look really sweet as table decorations for a Halloween party, or you could add a base and fill them with small sweets.

Halloween toilet roll tube creatures

You might recognise the spider as one of my minibeasts, I thought that he would make a good centerpiece for Halloween too!

Do you make things with toilet roll tubes too?


  1. These are great,I'm going to try some.Most of our toilet rolls get used by our gang of hamsters but I'm sure they could spare a few!

  2. Now they look so easy even I - a sworn non-crafter - could do them!


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