Saturday 20 October 2012

Homemade play food - salt dough and felt pizza

I love making play food. It can be as simple or as difficult as you like (I tend to go for simple) and has hours of play value. We eat a lot of pizza in this household so I thought that it was about time I made some pizza to play with. It's great for lots of different role play - among other things you can use it in the toy kitchen, in the toy shop or in a pretend restaurant.

How to make salt dough and felt play pretend pizza

I made the pizza base from salt dough. I used my favourite salt dough recipe - 1 part salt, 1 part water and 2 parts plain flour mixed together to make a dough. I used about half a cup as my measure and that was enough for a nice sized pizza.

I rolled the dough out into a circle and cut it into six pieces. I smoothed the edges and make a slightly thicker crust around the edge. To dry them out I placed them in the oven on a low temperature, which worked well, but I had better results when I just placed them on top of a radiator for a few days. Before painting them I sanded away the rough edges.

I painted the pizza slices with standard poster paint. To make a suitable colour for the crust I mixed a little brown, a little yellow and lots of white paint. I had enough paint left to paint the bottom too, although you don't need to. I made sure to paint all the way down the sides.

How to make salt dough and felt play pretend pizza

Then I used red paint mixed with a little brown to add the tomato sauce into the middle of the slices.

How to make salt dough and felt play pretend pizza

For the toppings I cut pieces from felt. I was going to get fancy and sew each individual item, but it was a lot easier and quicker just to cut out simple shapes. I made large blobs of pale yellow for cheese, then cut out pieces for tomato, red and green peppers, mushrooms, olives, pepperoni and sweetcorn. I made about six of each of the larger pieces.

Looks delicious!

How to make salt dough and felt play pretend pizza

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  1. Love this! A fab idea, I am going to give this a go!

  2. Please please tell me what do u mean by plain flour. Corn flour? Wheat flour? What is plain flour??

    1. Hi there, I think that it is also known as all purpose flour. It's just flour without anything added to it. Hope that helps!


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