Friday 28 December 2012

Keeping ourselves busy

We've been living in our 'new' house for almost exactly a year now, and we have finally managed to schedule in some time to start some decorating! It has sometimes felt a bit like living in someone else's home, especially as the previous owner was a big fan of feature walls in very bold colours that I wouldn't necessarily have chosen myself (although I'm sure that the new owner of our old house is cursing the hills, sky and sun 'mural' that I was so proud of in Harry's room!).

We decided that as everything would be disrupted anyway we might as well tackle two rooms at once, so we are starting with our bedroom and Mia's room. We decorated a lovely butterfly themed room for Mia in our old house just before we made the decision to move, and I've always felt it was a real shame as she was never able to appreciate it. We kept the new pink curtains so that we can re-use them here, and we've bought her a new table lamp and matching lampshade.

I'm afraid that my decorating style is rather unimaginative. I tend to choose a pale colour for the walls and then use a darker shade of that colour for curtains and other furnishings. I don't do feature walls or anything more adventurous. As we already have curtains from the old house for both rooms, we are just painting the rooms the same colour as they were before - pale pink for Mia and pale blue for our bedroom. This will be the third time that we have decorated a bedroom for us, and we've done it almost the same each time!

It's turning into a larger job than we expected as the dark coloured walls are going to need two coats of white as well as two coats of colour - I'm hoping that we can get it finished before Ram goes back to work! We do have a deadline of Harry's birthday next month, when we will have guests staying so will need to vacate the guest bedroom!

We've also ordered Mia a proper bed for her new room, so in a few weeks time we'll see how she manages out of the cot. Harry surprised us with a very smooth transition, I'm really hoping that she will be the same!

Child helping to paint a wall

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