Monday 3 December 2012

Guest post - Memories of a 1950's Christmas

This lovely guest post about her childhood Christmas memories is from my Mum, Helen, who blogs herself at bitstobuy. Enjoy!

Taking the tiny artificial tree out of its bag and putting it up with the same old broken decorations which probably dated from 20 years before. The lights never worked first time but we usually got them going.

Making paper chains out of newspaper and flour paste.

Being so excited because it was the only day that my Dad wasn't working and he was home all day.

Not being able to get to sleep because Santa was coming. Even though someone at school told me when I was 5 that there was no Santa Claus, the pretense was kept going until I was about 10.

Seeing that lumpy pillowcase at the bottom of the bed in the early hours.

Opening my stocking and knowing that there would always be an orange and some chocolate money.

Using the front parlour room which was never used any other day of the year. Dad would take some coals on a shovel from the living room to put in the front room grate. We would get the Dansette record player out and play 'A white sports coat and a pink carnation', and Mantovani records.

Folding up the paper from presents carefully so that it could be used again next year.

All sitting round first thing in the morning to open presents. Dad usually got new vests and Mum some smelly soap.

Mum looking flustered and serving up dry turkey, mashed and roast potatoes (two different kinds of potato!) sausages and bacon, and stuffing, and thin gravy.

The Christmas pudding cooking for hours and filling the house with steam.

Finding a silver 6 pence piece in the pudding and giving it back to be used again next year.

Mum and Dad falling asleep in the afternoon.

Watching the Queen on a 9 inch screen Bush television.

I can still remember that feeling of excitement that this day was different.


  1. I love This post and I'm beggining to feel all Christmassy now! thank you:-)

  2. I like this. Every little phrase brought a similar memory to mind.

    Laura Hedgecock


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