Wednesday 26 December 2012

Our Christmas 2012

First of all, I do hope that all my readers had a lovely Christmas! I've been a bit quiet lately, this is the first time that I have actually sat down at the computer in what seems like ages! It was a strange build up to Christmas for us this year, as we spent the first two weeks of December enjoying the Florida sunshine. Then we all came back ill so it took us several days to recover and get over the jet lag. We didn't even have an Advent calendar this year as we were away for so much of Advent, and I didn't do nearly as much crafting or other festive activities as I would have done normally.

However we have enjoyed a lovely Christmas. Harry really enjoyed taking part in his first Nativity play as one of the shepherds, and I loved watching my first Nativity play - all the children were so sweet! We spent a few days before Christmas with my in-laws in the Midlands, then returned on Christmas Eve for a Christmas Day at home, before joining my brother and parents at his on Boxing Day.

We have managed to avoid filling the house with too much coloured plastic, in fact nothing was received that required batteries! We also spread the present opening over several days which I think works really well because then the children have time to appreciate each gift - they haven't even received their gift from my parents yet as some assembly is required! I'm afraid that the children's food over the last couple of days has largely consisted of Pringles and party rings - back to proper food tomorrow!

Children hanging up stockings

I started one new tradition this year which I've heard that a lot of people also do - new pajamas on Christmas Eve. I bought some while we were on holiday so I wasn't quite sure of the sizes, with the result that they are a little snug, but at least they are nice and warm! Harry was really into the idea of Father Christmas this year, we sprinkled reindeer food and put out a mince pie and carrot.

Our Christmas dinner is a little non-traditional - we mainly eat vegetarian food so we didn't have a turkey but we had lots of roasted vegetables and other party food, as well as a plate of cheese sandwiches for the fussier members of the family.

Although I've been away a little bit from my own blog, I've loved reading on-line about everyone elses's Christmas and all the different and similar traditions that people have. When I was little I remember every Christmas as being the same, which was wonderfully comforting and familiar (although I imagine also distorted by the nostalgia of childhood). I am expecting our family Christmases to be different every year as we visit different people in different orders and combinations, but I hope to have some continuity and develop some traditions that we can take with us wherever we are.

Now we are entering that strange time after Christmas before the shiny New Year starts. We have some decorating which has been waiting for a long time (it's now a year since we moved!) so we will spend the next few days taking it in turns to do some painting while the other entertains the children!

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