Friday 26 July 2013

Eat something different for breakfast every day for a week

I've never been very adventurous when it comes to breakfast. For most of my life it's been toast and Marmite. I had a brief dalliance with Special K a few years ago, but since then it's pretty much been the toast that I've stuck with. So as part of my Day Zero Project, I challenged myself to eat something different for breakfast every day.

It might sound simple, but it wasn't as easy as it sounds. I had to plan in advance to make sure that I had everything I needed, and I had to plan according to what I was doing that day. Every other morning I go to the gym first thing, so it needed to be something that I could make and eat with unoccupied small children around. On the other mornings I eat at the same time as the children, meaning I am constantly up and down from my seat to tend to their various needs and demands.

Here's what I came up with:

Eat something different for breakfast every day for a week

Monday - A bread roll with cheese and juice
Tuesday - Overnight oats, using a recipe from My Darlings and Me
Wednesday - Granola cereal with Greek yoghurt
Thursday - Scrambled egg on toast
Friday - Pain au chocolat
Saturday - A cheese omelette
Sunday - Pancakes with syrup

Some of these rather indulgent breakfasts might not have done my waistline much good, but it was really fun to try out some new things. In particular, I was really proud of my omelette and my scrambled eggs, as to my shame I had never made either before. They turned out perfectly and are definitely something I'll be making again!

Next I'm going to try eating something different for lunch every day for a week. Goodbye, cheese sandwich!

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  1. Ooh all your breakfasts look yummy :) Especially the pancakes and overnight oats! Thank you for the link xx


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