Wednesday 3 July 2013

Our playdough ice cream parlour

Harry is always asking for "a new activity. Something we haven't done before". Fortunately he is quite happy with the activity to be just a new twist on something that we've done lots of times, and in these cases I often turn to play dough. Play dough is so versatile that you can use it for all sorts of play. If you are looking for play dough inspiration you really can't beat The Imagination Tree, and I'm a big fan of Anna's no cook, four minute play dough recipe. Harry had a lot of fun making his own ice cream on holiday, so I thought that I'd make him a little ice cream parlour.

Playing with a play dough ice cream parlour

We used the simple play dough recipe above, and I added some vanilla essence so that it had a nice ice cream smell. You could also add some food colouring for different 'flavours'. Then I put the dough into a suitable container and gave him an ice cream scoop - this is a simple plastic one from Ikea. I also put out a selection of sprinkles and bowls, and some old candles. Then we set his small plastic table with a checked table cloth and napkins, and invited along Mia and some stuffed toys.

Playing with a play dough ice cream parlour

Harry got to work making the ice creams and I delivered them to the table. Harry loved both the making of the ice creams, and the role play aspect.

Playing with a play dough ice cream parlour

Mia was delighted to be presented with her own bowl of ice cream. Of course like usual she had a taste, but soon realised that it was only pretend!

Playing with a play dough ice cream parlour

This activity was a lot of fun, and I've kept the play dough in the fridge so that I can recycle it for another activity when Harry requests one. I'm thinking that we could use it to make pretend cakes, sweets or biscuits.

Do you make your own play dough? What are your favourite play dough themes?


  1. My boy LOVES ice cream play too right now. He keeps pinching the scoop out of the drawer and hiding it in his "ice cream van". I would like to get him his own scoop for this! We also save the old plastic cones from those ice creams with the gumballs at the bottom so he can use these in his play. We also save the big tubs to go in the van. I love that you brought sprinkles into the playdough! Have you seen this dough?!:
    It is on my list of things to try!

    1. That ice cream playdough looks awesome, thanks for sharing!

  2. This looks like so much fun!


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