Thursday, 15 May 2014

Harry's new Space themed bedroom

Over the Easter weekend we had both sets of Grandparents visiting at separate times, so we decided it was the ideal opportunity to decorate Harry's bedroom! We've been living in our house for over two years now, and Harry has waited very patiently with a wonky curtain rail and cluttered, marked walls, so it was definitely time for an update.

This is how his room looked before:

Making a space themed bedroom for a child

Making a space themed bedroom for a child

The walls had quite a lot of things stuck on them with blu-tak which had marked the walls quite badly. His bookshelf was originally an Ikea DVD rack, and only holds smaller books, which wasn't really suitable. The old curtains were left behind in a different room by the previous owner, and they didn't really fit the window. It was just generally looking a bit tired and cluttered.

We wanted to do a themed room, and it was a trip to our new Dunelm down the road that helped us decided on the Space theme when we saw their Space Mission themed bedroom items. I'm not normally one for everything matching, but Ram was very taken with it all and so we ended up buying many of the items in the range - curtains, duvet covers, lampshade, picture frame, hooks, small canvases and we'll be buying the rug when it's back in stock. Fortunately most of it was 20% off when we bought it, although the offer has ended now. He already had a few Space themed things in his room anyway, and it's something that really does interest him, so he was very excited about the theme.

So here it is, his new space themed room!

Making a space themed bedroom for a child

Making a space themed bedroom for a child

We painted three of the walls in light blue (Dulux Mineral Mist) and we made the fourth wall a feature wall in dark blue (Dulux Sapphire Salute). The ceiling and paintwork are white. We bought some Solar System wall decals stickers to replace the old Solar System poster that we made. There were lots of sets to choose from, but I liked these because they were more realistic and the planets are named. This set still contains Pluto too, I just can't bear to leave it out even though I know it's not a planet anyore!

Making a space themed bedroom for a child

My Mum bought him the rocket poster above his bed when we visited the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It was already stuck on the wall, but we bought a nice large frame for it in Ikea so that it could be displayed properly.

My favourite part of the room is his new Ikea Billy bookcase. It seems a large bookcase for a little boy, but he's going to be in this room for a few years yet and I love how versatile the system is. He can use it for books and toys now, and then as he grows up it will work for school books (if they haven't all gone electronic by then!) or for displaying any collections that he might have. My favourite storage element is for his Lego sets - we bought some nice plastic boxes and I laminated little labels with a picture of the finished model. We're also using the shelves to store some of the construction sets, jigsaws and games that are just his and that he tends to play with by himself. It is also large enough to store all his picture and non-fiction books which had been kept in various different places all over the house, it's nice to have them all together in one place.

Making a space themed bedroom for a child

Because his room has so much storage it's easy to keep it tidy and also means that we can store some of the other toys here that were taking up lots of space downstairs. We've had a clear out too, and also moved some of his things into Mia's room now that he has outgrown them. I'm really pleased with his lovely new room!

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