Saturday 24 May 2014

Collage England flag craft

With the football World Cup approaching, here in England our flag is already very visible out and about. We're very lucky really to have such a simple flag for our country that is easy to recognise and to replicate! So we made a simple collage England flag collage to hang up in the house.

Collage England flag craft for children

The flag of England is the St. George's cross - a red cross on a white background. The England flag forms a part of the Union Flag, or the Union Jack. You can read all about the history of the flag here - Flag of England.

Our collage England flag is a simple colour matching and sticking activity. First I went through my collection of craft and collage materials and picked out anything red that I could find. I gathered red pom poms, feathers, lollipop sticks, pipe cleaners, scraps of paper, ribbon, stickers, foam shapes, shredded paper, sequins and lots more, and put them all together in a bowl.

Collage England flag craft for children

I prepared the base flag beforehand, using a large sheet of white paper and forming the cross by gluing down strips of red paper. I wanted to have the red cross marked out so that it would be obvious where to place the collage materials, and also to make a nice background. Originally I was going to paint the cross, but I could imagine the paint mixing with the glue and smearing all over the white, so I wanted to keep it a nice crisp edge. It was a very quick craft to set up.

Collage England flag craft for children

Then I let the children loose with PVA glue and the red bits and pieces. This was a really great craft for all of us to do together. Harry put a bit more thought into the placement of his objects. Mia just stuck them down, but she's now old enough to understand that she was only sticking them on the red parts of the flag. The size of the flag was large enough for them to both work on it together without getting in each other's way. I took responsibility for a generous sprinkling of red glitter at the end!

Collage England flag craft for children

Now it's all dry it's ready to be hung up somewhere on the wall, probably next to our World Cup poster!

Collage England flag craft for children

We are planning lots of other crafting ready for the World Cup. You might also like my World Cup hama bead designs which you can find over at Red Ted Art.


  1. We have all gone a bit world cup crazy here so I am def using some of your great ideas. Lovely post xx


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