Wednesday 7 May 2014

Crafting with children to celebrate a football tournament

Not long to go now until the football World Cup 2014! The first game is on Thursday, 12th June 2014, and everyone in this family is very excited. This year is the first year that Harry can really show an appreciation for football, so my husband is very keen for me to come up with some crafts and activities to help develop that interest.

Crafting with children to celebrate a football tournament

To kick us off (pun fully intended!) we made a World Cup 2014 poster together. I found a large piece of paper and printed off several resources that I found on-line. I included a blank world map, a list of the fixtures, and a list of the 32 teams by group. I cut out the name of each country and then helped Harry to draw a line from the name to that country on the map. Then Harry coloured in the map and stuck some pictures and stickers all around.

World Cup poster craft for children

The pictures that Harry cut out to decorate the poster all come from a spare Panini World Cup 2014 sticker album. They have been giving these out for free in many supermarkets across the UK so it's worth trying to get hold of one if you want to do some football related crafting. You can usually find them in a special cardboard display along with the other magazines and we've seen plenty around. You can also find lots of similar images on-line that you can print out.

Of course Panini are  making their money from the stickers not the albums (even if you had no duplicate stickers it would cost £64 to complete an album!). But my son has been having a lot of fun with the Panini Online Sticker Album and I'd definitely recommend giving it a go if you have football mad children. I'm not exactly sure of the details as it's been my husband that's been helping him with it, but do I know that you can earn plenty of virtual stickers and swap them with other players across the world. He's managed to almost complete his album in a fairly short time and has really enjoyed it.

If you are looking for more football related craft, you might like to make a collage England flag to support the team, or have a go at making flags from some of the other countries taking part

Wembley Stadium Photo by Mitch Rosen via Unsplash

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  1. Brilliant idea to make your own World Cup poster! I'm going to show my husband this, it might even tempt him to craft. Or spend £64 on Panini stickers...


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