Monday 5 May 2014

Bank Holiday shopping as a #MorrisonsMum

Although we have a new Morrisons close to us in Littlehampton, we don't tend to shop there regularly. Ram is very good at comparing prices between the supermarkets, and he has always found Morrisons to be on the more expensive side. This week however, Morrisons have cut the prices on over a thousand of their products - not as promotional prices but as new everyday prices. We were given some Morrisons vouchers so that we could see how the prices compare on some of the things that we usually buy.

It was easy to spot the products that had been reduced in price, as they were very clearly marked in the aisles with bright yellow stickers. Not all of the shelves were as packed with labels as the one below, but there were plenty throughout the store.

Review - Saving money by shopping at Morrisons

Morrisons really stands out from the other supermarkets in the presentation of fruit and vegetables. I'm sure that I won't be the only blogger posting a photograph of the salad misters, seen here keeping the fresh herbs moist. I also liked that a lot of the produce was displayed in wicker baskets, really attractive to browse through.

Review - Saving money by shopping at Morrisons

With it being the Bank Holiday weekend, we went shopping for the food that we'd need for a family barbecue in the sunshine.

Review - Saving money by shopping at Morrisons

We bought:

Charcoal briquettes - £5
Pack of four veggie burgers - £1.50
Pack of six Linda McCartney veggie sausages - £2
Six white rolls - £1
Sweetcorn cobs - £2
Cucumber - 49p
Pack of tomatoes - 52p
Cheese slices - £1.75
Potato salad - 65p
Heinz Ketchup - £1.99
2 litre bottle of diet Coke - £1.85 (two for £2.50)
1 litre bottle of Robinsons squash - £1.49
Cadbury Mini Egg cakes (reduced after Easter!) - £1.19

Total - £21.43

This is our usual barbecue meal. Being a vegetarian meal I'm guessing that it probably comes to less than a proper meaty barbecue would be, but it satisfies us. I reckon that each full meal (a veggie burger, a veggie sausage, two bread rolls, two cheese slices, a dollop of ketchup, a little bit of cucumber and tomato, half a tub of potato salad and a drink) came to a little over £2 per head not including the charcoal, not bad!

Ram is quite particular about his veggie burgers. Fortunately the Morrisons own brand burgers that we'd not tried before were delicious! Our usual branded veggie sausages were cheaper, and I was very impressed with the taste of the Morrisons brand potato salad, which was nice and creamy. The fresh produce that we bought was in great condition too.

It was a lovely sunny day, and although it wasn't quite warm enough to sit outside while we enjoyed our food, we did have a lovely walk along the seafront afterwards!

Review - Saving money by shopping at Morrisons

As a sweet treat, I've also been trying out a few new baking recipes this weekend, and so in the afternoon I made some delicious chocolate orange biscuits. The ingredients that I needed to buy were:

Unsalted butter - £1.70 (two for £3)
Caster sugar - 99p
6 free range eggs - £1.75
Plain flour - 40p
Icing sugar - 99p
Orange juice - £1
Plain chocolate - £1.02

Total - £7.85 (of course as I only used a fraction of some of these products this isn't a cost per batch, and I've got plenty of ingredients left over for next time!)

Chocolate orange biscuits

We also shopped for our weekly staples. I was pleased to find that our usual branded sliced bread was the same price that we are used to paying, as were many of our other regular items.

We definitely noticed a difference on this visit to Morrisons with the new prices. Although the prices weren't necessarily cheaper than the supermarket where we do our regular weekly shop, they were more likely to be the same price, and several things that we bought were on special offer. It's very good to know that the prices are now more in line with those seen elsewhere.

You can read about the experiences that others have had while shopping at Morrisons this Bank Holiday weekend by following the #MorrisonsMum hastag on Twitter or Instagram, or pop over and read the posts at the #MorrisonsMum linky over at Britmums.

I received £80 of Morrisons vouchers in exchange for sharing my experiences and opinions in this post


  1. Those biscuits look fantastic! x

  2. Hope you will be posting the recipe for the biscuits!

  3. Another vote for the biscuit recipe, they are adorable! x

    1. Thank you, I really enjoyed making them too!

  4. Love a Bank Holiday barbecue. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

  5. Ohh we dipon't have the misters at ours, they're a fab idea!

    1. I thought that they were everywhere, it certainly seemed that way from the hashtag pictures! I'm not sure how effective they really are, but they certainly add a bit of interest to the shop!


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