Saturday 7 March 2015

Review - The Gardener's Cupboard jigsaw from Ravensburger

Recently you may have seen my review of The Red Box - a new jigsaw puzzle from Ravensburger. Today I'm sharing a review of another puzzle in the same series, again from Colin Thompson - The Gardener's Cupboard. The Gardener's Cupboard is a collection of different gorgeous images, all related in some way to gardening, with flowerpots, vegetables and pretty little landscapes. There are a few odd things in there too, garden gnomes and a few other unusual creatures, with lots that you only notice as you are putting the pieces together! It's a lovely picture, and I really enjoyed completing the puzzle.

The Gardener's Cupboard jigsaw from Ravensburger review

Like all the Ravensburger jigsaws I've reviewed recently, inside the box, there is an additional sheet containing a picture of the finished design. This is really handy, because it means that you can use both parts of the box to hold sorted jigsaw pieces, and it's easy to refer to as you're completing the puzzle. It's a very good quality puzzle, and the pieces fit together nicely.

The Gardener's Cupboard jigsaw from Ravensburger review

I like this style of puzzle, because there is so much going on that every piece of the puzzle is different. After an initial sort where I set aside the edge pieces and chose a colour to focus on (I started with blue) I found that I was able to complete the puzzle without any further sorting of the pieces. I could either find the pieces in the box that I was looking for by eye, or choose a piece from the box and work out where it should go. I much prefer this to one where you have a pile of identical looking pieces and you need to rely on just the shapes of the pieces to put them all together, and it means that you can sit down at the puzzle for just a few minutes at a time and put some pieces in place, great if you are living in a state of constant interruption!

Here's the finished jigsaw puzzle, looking good!

The Gardener's Cupboard jigsaw from Ravensburger review

I received this puzzle in exchange for a review.

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