Wednesday 4 March 2015

Spring window decorations

Spring window craft with pom poms

Spring is on the way! Well, I'm trying to convince myself at least that it's starting to feel a bit warmer! To celebrate we made this easy Spring hanging decorations to display in the window, also a great craft for using up some of those pom poms that we seem to accumulate in great numbers. Even very little ones can do this, and older ones can enjoy making up their own designs and patterns. If you don't have fabric petals, you can easily cut out some petal shapes from coloured card or tissue paper.

Spring window craft with pom poms


Thick cardboard, cut into circles (I used the bottom of a large mug as a template)
Ribbon - about 30cm length per decoration
Things to stick on - we used pom poms and fabric flower petals
Skewer and large needle

Spring window craft with pom poms


Cut the cardboard into circles, we used three for each decoration.

Cover liberally with glue and decorate, making sure that you use plenty of glue especially underneath the pom poms. Harry liked the idea of making some Spring flowers using the petals, Mia went for a more random approach.

Make holes with a skewer where the ribbon needs to go. Thread the ribbon through the holes using a large needle. I used shorter lengths of ribbon to join the circles (tied in a firm knot at the back) and a longer length for a loop at the top to hang. Mia's decoration hangs down in a simple line, Harry wanted to make his into a triangular shape with the flowers close together.

Hang up and enjoy! I used some suction cap hooks to attach the decorations to the window, but you could just use the ribbon to hang them from a window handle or a hook on the wall. They are currently brightening up our kitchen with their cheerful, bright colours!

Spring window craft with pom poms

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