Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Gift ideas for young Pokemon fans

I love putting together gift guides, and it helps to give me some inspiration for things when I'm doing my own shopping! So after the Pokemon Go craze of the summer that still continues in our house, here are some fab gifts for the young Pokemon fan in your life. None of these ideas are sponsored in any way, they are all things that I've found while hunting around for gift ideas myself. Amazon links are affiliate links.

Christmas gift ideas for young Pokemon fans

If you know someone that enjoys playing Pokemon Go, then they will definitely be speeding their way through their phone battery while they are out and about. A portable charger would be a great gift, and if you want to stick to the Pokemon theme then why not get a Pokemon Go Power Bank which is shaped like a Pokeball!

To get children away from the electronic devices, how about trying a Pokemon themed card or board game that the whole family can join in with. Uno is a really popular card game with children, and they'd love this Pokemon Uno which follows the same rules but with Pokemon themed cards. Or for slightly older children there is Pokemon Monopoly, a fun twist on the popular classic.

There are plenty of Pokemon books and guides which children will love poring over to increase their knowledge of the Pokemon universe. A good start would be the The Official Pokémon Encyclopedia, and if they want to up their Pokemon Go game there is plenty of information in the Pokémon Go Unofficial Field Guide to study when they can't be outside playing.

And while you are out and about, I know that my children at least would love to have a Pokemon Cap to wear to make sure that they look the part!

For our Advent calendars this year we bought the children some mini Pokemon figures to go inside the wooden boxes. There are lots of companies selling these little toys on Amazon, so make sure that you check the reviews and where the product will be shipped from as some have quite a long delivery time. The quality also varies, and you will most likely get some duplicates. Be warned, they are cheap and they aren't official figures, so may not pass muster with true Pokemon fans. But our children loved them and at 2-3cm tall they are a nice size and would also be great for party bags or as prizes for party games.

Selection of little Pokemon toys

Finally, after a long day of Pokemon hunting, how about a cuddly Pikachu to snuggle down with at night!

I hope that you've found some fun inspiration for your little Pokemon hunters!

Amazon links are affiliate.

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