Wednesday 7 December 2016

Christmas gift ideas for a Minecraft fan

Since Minecraft entered our house just over a year ago, it's fair to say that first Harry and now Mia are reasonably obsessed with it. They play in creative mode and build all sorts of things, sometimes in their own games and sometimes together, and I really love seeing the creative ideas that they come up with. With Christmas approaching I've been having a look around for a few Minecraft related gift ideas, and I hope that you find this post helpful if you share your home or life with a Minecraft fan.

Some Christmas gift ideas for a Minecraft fan

Of course the children aren't allowed to play Minecraft all day, but I'm pretty sure that some days they spend a great deal of time thinking about it, and researching and planning what they want to build next. Harry gets a lot of inspiration from the Minecraft magazines that I buy him occasionally. His favourite is Mineworld Magazine, although he doesn't get it often as it's quite pricey, a subscription would be a great gift!

He also has quite a few books. For a quick easy read that he still returns to again and again he enjoys Stampy Cat: Stampy's Lovely Book, and he always enjoys reading the latest Minecraft annual which is available now - Minecraft Annual 2020 and very reasonably priced.

Some Christmas gift ideas for a Minecraft fan

A thicker and very in depth reference book is the Minecraft: Blockopedia. It is stored in a sturdy presentation box and contains information about every single type of block that you can play with in Minecraft. It looks very complicated to me, but Harry loves it and his copy is very well thumbed. It's also quite educational - he knows all about different rocks and minerals which he has learned from this book!

Some Christmas gift ideas for a Minecraft fan

If your child is just starting out playing Minecraft, Mojang do a range of official guides, and the Minecraft: Beginner's Handbook is a very good place to start. There are several more books in the series too which make great companions.

One thing that Harry is lacking and which will be featuring on his Christmas list this year is Minecraft apparel. There's a huge range available, and as he's a little short on nightwear I have my eye on a Minecraft dressing gown or a set of Stampy Pajamas. I've also seen some of his friends in one of these Eat Sleep Mine Repeat hoodies which come in a huge range of colours so you can find one in your child's favourite style.

When not playing Minecraft on the PC the children love role-playing Minecraft games. Harry has a few of these little Minecraft toys like this Minecraft Steve Action Figure, fun to play with and keep on display.

Some Christmas gift ideas for a Minecraft fan

Crafty children will love the range of Minecraft paper crafting sets that are available. We have several of the kits, and I particularly love the look of the Minecraft Paper Craft Overworld Deluxe Pack which comes with over 90 pieces. Harry has had fun making stop animation videos with these sets.

Some Christmas gift ideas for a Minecraft fan

Finally, if you are feeling crafty yourself you can easily make some little Minecraft themed gifts. In my blog post with some ideas for Minecraft party bags you can find out how to make Minecraft bookmarks and notebooks, or perhaps some Minecraft keyrings. Great for children to make and give to their school friends! And if you want to decorate your home this Christmas you might want to have a go at the Minecraft Hama bead Christmas baubles!

Some Christmas gift ideas for a Minecraft fan

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  1. My girls are Minecraft mad and have had a few of these things in the past....This year I have the Minecraft Annual 2017 hidden away for them. I was shocked at how cheap it was. I expected it to cost a lot more with it being the official one x


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