Friday 20 October 2017

Personalised letters and videos from Santa with Elfi Santa

Christmas might seem a little way away yet, but it won't be long before the season is in full swing. I love the build up to Christmas, we do lots of crafting and baking along with festive days out, it's a really special family time. As a parent, it's really fun to be able to be able to add a little more magic for the children, and there are lots of ways that you can do this.

One fantastic way would be to treat your child to a letter or video direct from Santa which is completely personalised to them - and Elfi Santa have been working with Santa since 2013 to bring smiles to lots of small faces at Christmas time!

A Standard Letter from Santa via Elfi Santa currently costs just £3.99. There are 28 templates on the website that you can use to give you a start, and then each one can be edited, not just with a few details about the child - you can change the entire text of the letter. You can add extra details, for example things that your child has done well this year, write about their hobbies or particular achievements at school, or you can write the letter as a reply to one that they have sent to Santa themselves.

There are even some suggested letter templates that you can use after Christmas, and some which are aimed at adults. The letter will be printed on themed writing paper with a hand-pressed gold stamp and can be delivered anywhere in the world. You can also upgrade to the Gold Letter which offers additions such as a postcard or sticker for the door.

Elfi Santa personalised letter from Santa

To really bring the magic of Christmas alive, you can also create a personalised Santa Claus Video for your child. There are four different video templates that you can choose from, costing £12.99 or £7.99 if you choose a video for an adult. Santa will greet your child by name, and you can personalise the video in many more ways depending on the theme that you've chosen, for example you can add photographs of the child, of their house or their gift, their age, and whether they have been good or bad. You can also make a short free video for your child and there is the option of a joint video for two children.

A video from Santa would be perfect for a child that is starting to waver when it comes to Father Christmas, or perhaps a child that needs a little extra motivation to behave well in the run up to Christmas!

If you are visiting here from the US, you can find the sister website for US customers here - Elfi Santa

This is a collaborative post. Prices correct at time of publishing.

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