Wednesday 10 January 2018

2017 in seconds

At the beginning of 2017 I started a new video project. Every day I took a short video clip which I edited down to one second, and then I combined them all together to make a short video showing our entire year in seconds.

I quickly got into the habit of capturing a brief clip of something that we were up to every day. Although on some busy days I was a bit distracted, and the clip I ended up with wasn't always representative of our main activity! There were also lots of days, particularly when we were on holiday, that it was really difficult to choose just one second's worth of footage. There were also those evenings when I suddenly remembered that I'd not taken the video clip that day - that's why there are several clips of the children brushing their teeth or reading in bed, and more than a few of Mia fast asleep as I sneaked into her room just before I went to sleep!

Amazingly I did manage to not miss a single day. The only day that I had a problem with was when we went to watch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in May - I remembered to take the video but found out the next day that I hadn't pressed the button properly and all I had managed to record was a brief shot of my lowering the camera. So I had to take what I had and slow down the recording to make it last for a second - you can tell if you listen to the sound but I'm hoping that it's not too noticeable!

I decided not to carry on the project into 2018 as I did find it rather stressful remembering to take the video each day. I was really proud of the result though and I've had so many positive comments, so I may well do it again in a future year!

Here's my finished video - 2017 in seconds - enjoy, and I'd love to see if you complete a similar project!

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  1. loved it, the kids are soooooo grown up, a super project, gita x


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