Friday 26 January 2018

Simple gift tubes for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to exchange small gifts with friends and family, and we love making little gift boxes and bags to present our treats. These simple gift tubes are really easy to make, and can be personalised to match the giver or the recipient.

Valentine's Day simple craft for children to gift

You need:

Coloured card and paper or craft foam
Valentine's Day themed embellishments - washi tape, stickers, ribbon, patterned paper and so on
Bostik Glu Dots
Sweets or a small gift
A stapler

Bostik bloggers craft materials for Valentine's Day

To make the gift tubes:

Choose the craft foam or card that you want to use for the tubes and cut to size. My pieces measured approximately 15cm x 17cm. Shape into a tube and use a stapler to hold in place.

Stapling craft foam to make a tube

Then use the stapler to close one end of the tube and press it slightly flat.

Using cardboard and craft foam to make Valentine's Day gift tubes

Decorate the tube using scraps of paper, ribbon, tape and so on. I used Bostik Glu Dots to hold everything down and they worked brilliantly, they stick all different types of material firmly together, even things like ribbon and fabric that are harder to make stick.

Bostik Glu Dots for crafting

Fill the gift tube with a few small sweet treats, then use a stapler to close the other end.

Simple Valentine's Day gift craft tutorial

It's a lovely way to give some small treats to friends and family.

Valentine's Day craft for children to make

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The box of craft materials was provided to me free of charge by Bostik as part of the Tots100/Bostik Craft Bloggers Club.

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