Monday 27 January 2020

Valentine's Day gift boxes and bags you can make

If you are planning to give a small gift to your Valentine this Valentine's Day, I have some ideas for sweet little things that you can make to help your gift really stand out! These boxes and bags are perfect for holding sweets, chocolates or other trinkets. Click the links to find the full details and tutorials for the crafts.

Valentine's Day gift bags and boxes to make

Valentine's Day cardboard tube gift boxes

These simple gift boxes are made from a cardboard tube painted red and decorated with googly eyes along with scraps of coloured paper and card. With a foot shaped base glued to the bottom and stuffed with shredded paper, they can be used to hold sweets and chocolates.

Cardboard tube gift boxes for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day simple felt gift bags

These simple felt gift bags make a great first sewing project for little ones as they are so easy to make. You just need a strip of felt, folded over and sewn up the sides, with some matching ribbon to tie. This gift bag is great for larger items, and can be made in different sizes to match the gift that you want to include.

Valentine's Day felt gift bags

Simple foam sheet Valentine's Day gift tubes

These gift tubes are made using craft foam and are very easy to make as they are just held together using staples. Then can be decorated with cut out paper, card and heart embellishments.

Valentine's Day gift tubes craft

I hope that you've found some inspiration for your Valentine's Day gifts this year!

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Hama bead projects for Valentine's Day

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