Thursday 16 January 2020

My favourite things to do in Winter

  Coming indoors and knowing that I don't need to go out again that day 

  Eating soup for lunch, either homemade or shop bought 

  Working on the border of a knitted or crochet blanket that covers my knees 

❆ Going up to bed early with a hot water bottle and my book 

❆ Having a really hot, steamy bath 

❆ Cuddling up under a blanket and watching television 

Icy heart and scarf in the snow
Photo credit Brigitte Tohm via Unsplash

❆ Going down to the beach when it's deserted, and the sky goes on forever 

❆ Eating discounted Christmas chocolates, biscuits and festive themed cakes 

❆ Turning the lights on and closing the curtains  

❆ Coming out of the shower to a towel which is warm from the rail 

❆ Wearing long coats and chunky jumpers that are comfy and flatter my figure 

❆ Sitting reading with my back pressed up against a hot radiator 

Wooden figures in a snow scene
Photo credit Paige Cody via Unsplash

What are your favourite things about Winter?

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