Thursday 9 January 2020

My completed Persian Tiles blanket in the Eastern Jewels colour scheme

I've been looking forward to writing this post for some time. Over Christmas I was really pleased to finally finish one of my long term craft projects - my Persian Tiles blanket! The blanket is made up of 16 octagons, 9 squares, 12 triangles and 4 corners, sewn together with a narrow border. It's made using Styelecraft yarn and it was bought for me as a kit which contained the original Persian Tiles pattern, the Eastern Jewels colour scheme, along with all the yarn needed and more. My finished blanket makes a large square and measures 117 cm on each side. There was enough yarn in the kit that you could probably add another row of octagons if you wanted to.

Persian Tiles Eastern Jewels crochet blanket spread out

The blanket looks very complicated, but I'm not a particularly good crocheter and I managed to get along with it. I'm quite good at covering up my mistakes! The individual stitches are all very simple, and there is plenty of help on YouTube if you need it. There's also a community Facebook group which I found very helpful, and it includes videos of some of the tricky parts, like the crosses that are found on each piece.

Persian Tiles Eastern Jewels crochet blanket close up

I really enjoyed working on the blanket. The colours are so vibrant, and they go together beautifully. It was a bit fiddly with all the colour changes, and of course there were so many ends to sew in, but it was well worth it as I really love the finished product.

Persian Tiles crochet blanket in the Eastern Jewels colour scheme

The crochet pattern for this blanket is Persian Tiles, designed by Janie Crow. I made it using the Eastern Jewels colourway which was created by Lucia Dunn from Lucia's Fig Tree, and you can read a really interesting post about how she chose the colours here - Eastern Jewels Persian Blanket

The Eastern Jewels Persian Tiles is available as a kit from a number of retailers for around £30, or you can buy the Persian Tiles pattern separately and use either the original colours or your own colours. At the time of writing, it was only possible to buy the Eastern Jewels colour scheme if you bought it as part of a kit including the Persian Tiles pattern and yarn, as it's not available separately.

Folded up colourful crochet blanket

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