Friday 24 August 2018

Creating a Minimalist Wardrobe for a Man

Many of the best-dressed people do not own that many clothes. They follow a few simple styling principles to make sure that they stay on trend and always look good. In the past, capsule wardrobes were mainly created for women. But, increasingly men are learning to do the same. If you want to encourage your husband or boyfriend to do the same, all you need to do is to read on. It is far easier than you think and you can easily buy what you need from somewhere like Jacamo.

Trousers and jeans

Most men can get away with owning just two pairs of trousers. A pair of jeans and chinos is usually all they need.


The athleisure look is still huge. Men who prefer this style can easily swap a pair of chinos for tracksuit or training bottoms. In fact, all men should consider including at least one pair of these in their wardrobe. They are a really versatile item of clothing. Tracksuit bottoms are comfortable, so are perfect for wearing at the weekends or in the evenings.

Tracksuit from Jacamo


For most men, a pair of trainers and one pair of shoes or boots are adequate. Ideally, the shoes or boots should be in a style that looks good with a suit or smart trousers.

Shirts and t-shirts

You are going to need about 8 different tops. They need to be in a different mix of styles. A few traditional t-shirts, a couple of polo shirts and some long-sleeve shirts is usually a good mix. However, every man has different needs. Someone who works in an office with a dress code that requires them to wear shirts will need to have at least five in their wardrobe.


Eight pairs of underwear and socks are enough for most men. However, a man that works out regularly is likely to need more.

Jackets and coats 

Most men can get away with owning only two coats or jackets. A smart jacket and a leather coat is a good combination that works well.


A man who has to wear a suit to work will need two suits. One to wear and a spare just in case the other one gets dirty or is at the dry cleaners.

Men's suit from Jacamo


What accessories a man buys is very much a matter of personal taste. For example, some men like to wear a belt, while others never need one.

Colour coordination

Key to creating a capsule wardrobe that works whether you are a man or woman is colour coordination. Get that right, and you can create an amazing array of outfits using just 14 items of clothing. 

Minimising your children’s wardrobe

If you want to you can do the same with your children’s wardrobes. I promise you that if you make the right choices they will not even notice that you have reduced the number of clothes they own. This article, which I wrote last year, tells you more about helping your kids to look great without your having to spend a fortune on clothes.

This is a collaborative post in association with Jacamo.

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