Monday 29 October 2018

The little blue house in Stavanger

Our our cruise over the summer holidays we docked for the second time in Stavanger, Norway. Stavanger is the sixth largest city in Norway but it doesn't feel like a city at all. The town centre is compact, very walkable, with lots to see and do. Next to the harbour is Old Stavanger, a collection of small, white wooden houses built around 200 years ago and set amongst pretty cobbled streets filled with museums, galleries and small shops.

Well, the houses are almost all white. What's that down at the bottom right of the photo?

Stavanger Old Town viewed from a docked cruise ship

This little blue house caught my eye as soon as we docked and looked out over the city. It's right opposite the cruise ship dock, nestled among the white wooden houses, showing its own personality. 

I fell in love with it straightaway. It's such a pretty house, in such a beautiful location, and I do love Stavanger. I can imagine myself living here, sitting by the window with a hot chocolate, riding my bike to the shops, wandering the cobbled streets, smiling at the tourists, and in the evening retreating to a little bedroom under the eaves with a book.

Little blue house in Old Stavanger

Of course in reality I know nothing about this house. I can guess that the view from the front window isn't the best, as the gorgeous view across the harbour would be blocked most days by at least one cruise ship docked literally right outside - you can see ours reflected in the windows! You probably also get lots of curious tourists like me wandering up to snap photos and peer through the windows. Being part of Old Stavanger there would be the obligation to keep the house looking nice for the tourists, and I'm sure that a 200 year old house has many more problems than our new build.

But I can still dream, and if we should happen to return to Stavanger I'll definitely be checking to see if it's still there!

The little blue house in old Stavanger

If you find yourself in Stavanger, and I hope that you do, you might enjoy my post about things to do in the port of Stavanger.

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