Wednesday 17 October 2018

Things I love about cruising

It's been a few weeks since we returned from our most recent cruise, and I'm still dreaming about it and planning the next one. In my experiences of talking to other people about cruising, it seems that most people who have never been on a cruise aren't at all sure about the idea. But once someone has been on a cruise they don't look back, and have booked the next one as soon as they can afford it. That's certainly what happened to us!

Here are some of the things that I love about cruising:

Waking up when you've arrived somewhere new - it's an amazing feeling to open your stateroom curtains, or head up on deck if you are cruising in an inside cabin, and see that you've arrived somewhere new. Even if the view is of a dirty, busy port rather than an Instagram friendly scene, it's still exciting.

Looking out to sea on a sea day, spotting ships in the distance or even better flying fish or dolphins.

Being out of touch with the world. Internet access is very expensive on a cruise ship, and although you can usually catch up while in port, on a sea day you are completely out of touch with the world. It's great not to have that constant urge to check notifications on the phone.

Dressing for dinner every night. Even if I just put a dress on to eat and then change back into comfy clothes afterwards, dinner tastes so much better if you've made an effort and you can make it into an occasion.

On that note, not having to cook or wash up, having a choice of different meals to eat, and trying dishes that I wouldn't know how to make myself.

Being constantly entertained, whether it's a show, a variety act, or something simple like a quiz or craft activity.

Retiring to a clutter free stateroom, cleaned and tidied for me twice daily, and sleeping in a big, comfortable bed that rocks me to sleep every night.

Finally, my favourite thing about a cruise, like all holidays, is spending time with family. Everything is taken care of, there's a full schedule of entertainment as well as opportunities to relax, and you're without the distractions of modern life. For me, cruising is a great way to spend time with the people that I love, and I really appreciate being lucky enough to be able to enjoy these holidays.

Disney Fantasy cruise ship in the Caribbean

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