Tuesday 4 September 2018

A second cruise through the Norwegian Fjords on the Disney Magic

We have just returned from a fantastic end to the long summer holiday - a week long cruise aboard the Disney Magic. We have cruised the Norwegian Fjords before with Disney and loved it, so we were excited to be returning. Although billed as a Norwegian Fjords cruise, this one was a bit less fjordy than the last, with stops in Copenhagen, Oslo, Kristiansand and Stavanger. I'll be sharing lots about what we got up to in port!

This time I was determined to really enter into the spirit of the Disney cruise experience. We improved our door magnet display with an Olaf printout and individual family snowflakes. A lot of people on a Disney cruise hang 'fish extenders' from the fish hook outside their door and exchange gifts with other cruisers. I wasn't brave enough to sign up for a fish extender group, but I made a last minute decision to join a 'pixie dust' list that was organised through our cruise Facebook group. I put together about forty small gifts and also handmade nearly sixty magnets. On our first day at sea, the children and I roamed the corridors handing out the gifts to other people on the list, and choosing some of our favourite decorated doors to leave a magnet. Then I hung a small gift bag outside our door to see if we received anything back.

Disney cruise stateroom door with magnets

I'm pleased to say that people were very kind, and we received some really lovely things back! The children were thrilled to come back to the room and find a present, and it was so much fun to take part. I'm already putting together ideas for next time in case we are lucky enough to book another Disney cruise!

Mia's highlight for the cruise, as always, was the princesses. The princesses are so good with the children, she met some of them several times and they always remembered her and had such a lovely chat with her. She had a huge smile on her face after meeting them.

Disney cruise meeting Princess Tiana

Our children won't do the kids club by themselves which is a shame as they look excellent. We did have fun with some of the family activities though - making masquerade masks, trying origami, attempting to draw Disney characters, a Disney music trivia quiz, making flubber - there is always lots going on! We also went to the cinema and watched all the main shows in the theatre, some of them twice, they are all amazing.

The cruises in this part of the world all have a bit of a Frozen theme, with a special Frozen meet and greet gathering and a Frozen themed day which finishes with a Freezing the Night Away deck party (you can see my previous video of the show here - Freezing the Night Away)

Freezing the night away on board the Disney Magic

I do love a cruise. I like the chance to get dressed up for dinner (even if I'm back in my jeans for the air conditioned theatre later on!), the excitement of waking up somewhere new to explore in the morning, having everything organised for you, and no cooking, cleaning or washing up. You really do feel like you in a bubble away from the real world. I hope that it's not long until we are back on board again!

Dressed up for dinner on the Disney Magic

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