Thursday 27 September 2018

Four easy ways to save money on plus-size clothing

This is a collaborative post in association with Simply Be.

I recently discovered that in the UK, the average woman is a size 16. It was a surprise to me because I know that it can be difficult to find good-quality, fashionable clothes that actually fit properly, as well as being expensive. So today I'm sharing some tips for finding stylish yet reasonably priced 16+ sized clothes.

Plus sized dress from Simply Be

Shop in the right places 

My first tip is to start your search with those retailers who specialise in 16+ fashions. For example, Simply Be stock plus size fashion and have been doing so since 1999. Back then they were virtually the only retailer to offer clothing in sizes bigger than a 22.

The best specialist retailers make clothes that are specifically designed for the curvier figure, rather than simply scaling up clothes that were made for women who are a size 8 or 10. As a result, their clothes fit properly - their blouses are not too tight across the chest and baggy elsewhere. So if you want to wear a semi-tailored top you can when you shop with a proper 16+ fashion retailer.

Importantly, their clothing is usually reasonably priced. The fact that they buy and sell in bulk gives them a competitive edge over regular retailers, which helps them to keep their prices down.

Look for vouchers and coupons 

Before you hit the buy button, take the time to look for vouchers online. You will be pleasantly surprised by how often you can find them for plus-size clothing.

Get notified early of special offers

If your favourite retailer has its own website, check to see if they produce a newsletter and sign up to receive it. Usually, when they have special offers available or are planning to hold a sale they will notify their subscribers of this fact first. Knowing this gives you the chance to get in early and grab yourself a bargain before the best deals sell out.

Plus sized jumper from Simply Be

Learn to sew 

Being able to make simple adjustments to your clothes can end up saving you a lot of money. Often, using your skills, you will be able to breathe new life into items that you already own. When you know how to make simple adjustments you can potentially buy items that are a bit too baggy or long and turn them into something that fits perfectly.

There is no need to feel nervous about learning to sew. You just need to get started slowly. Making doll’s dresses is a great way to learn the basic skills you need and get a better understanding of how clothes are put together. Here I explain how to make a simple doll’s dress. Why not give it a try? You’ve got nothing to lose and it is an easy way to learn a new skill that could potentially save you a lot of money.

If you really do not want to learn how to sew, there is another option. As you can see from this very short video, some adjustments can be made using fabric glue and other materials. So, you do not necessarily have to put a heavily discounted item back on the rack simply because it is a little too long for you.

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