Monday 10 September 2018

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

The very first port on our recent Disney Cruise was Copenhagen. I'd never been to Copenhagen before, and so I was very much looking forward to our visit. One of the places that I knew I wanted to visit was Tivoli Gardens, and so after a brief stop to see the obligatory Little Mermaid statue we headed straight there.

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park in the centre of the city, set in beautiful grounds. It opened in 1843 and it's wonderfully old fashioned, with the rides blending in fantastically with their surroundings. You first need to buy tickets to enter the gardens and then pay extra for various ride options - choosing whether to pay for rides individually or to purchase a wristband for unlimited thrill seeking.

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen with the family

The gardens themselves are lovely to stroll around and there are plenty of places to sit and relax. There are also plenty of different dining options, shops and fun fair style games to play.

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen pirate ship

There are around thirty rides in the park which are suitable for all ages, ranging from nostalgic gentle rides to roller coasters and other attractions that swing you about all over the place. Luckily my children aren't really into the thrill rides, because some of them looked very intense! Instead we had a lovely trip around the lake in these little self steered boats, enjoyed a sweet little ride which took us on a journey through different fairy tales, and braved a small yet speedy roller coaster suitable for even the little ones.

Boat ride at Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

We also spent some time wandering around the gardens, and enjoying a picnic on some of the colourful Tivoli deckchairs.

Family day out at Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

We finished our day in the playground, which is included in your entry fee to the gardens. It was a lot of fun, with instruments to play outside and plenty of climbing equipment to explore inside. The children were very happy here for a long time!

Playground at Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

Unfortunately we couldn't stay late as we had a ship to catch, but I have heard that the gardens are especially beautiful at night. 

You can see plenty more of our visit the little video that I put together of our day!

We received complimentary entrance to the garden and access to some of the rides in exchange for a blog post and video about our day.

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