Wednesday 12 September 2018

An update on my current craft projects

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It's been a while since I wrote about my crafting on here, so I thought I'd do a little update! Over the last few months I have mainly been working on my cross stitch Christmas ABC Sampler. At the beginning of the summer holidays, the thought crossed my mind that if I got a real move on there was a chance that I could finish it by Christmas this year. However my crafting time reduced considerably once the holidays were in full swing, and rather than rush it and spoil my enjoyment I decided to take my time with it. Crafting for me is a lot more about the process than the product!

Christmas ABC Cross Stitch sampler

I think that I'm progressing nicely with this sampler. I've completed eighteen of the twenty seven boxes, and I'm really pleased with how it is looking so far. There are still lots of beads to add to the design which I think will take quite a bit of time as I've not used beads before and it might take me a while to get comfortable with them. There are also a few gold bits that need to be added in. I hate working with the metallic thread so I put it off!

Parts of the design are quite complicated to work on. Areas that are green and red are each made up of three different shades that are very similar. It gives a lovely effect but it's very time consuming to work it out. P for Poinsettia, that I'm working on at the moment, was a square that I'd been dreading since I first saw the pattern as it has both the red and the green shades. I took a photo of the pattern, printed out an enlarged version, and coloured in the different areas with felt pens which makes it much easier to follow.

I don't want to hang my finished sampler somewhere permanently as it's so seasonal, so I've been looking at some sort of stand that I can use to display it once it has been framed. I just need to find one that is sturdy enough because it will be large and heavy.

Cross Stitch Christmas ABC sampler in progress

Secondly, a very last minute craft project that I loved doing was making up some Disney magnets to hand out on our recent Disney cruise. I only decided to make them the day before but I'm so glad that I did - they were fun to make and lots of people thanked me for them in our cruise Facebook group. I came up with a quick design based around the Mickey ears using a photo from our past cruise to Stavanger, which was also very similar to the photo used as the Facebook group header image. I added the year and the name of the cruise along with the Norwegian and Danish flags.

I ended up making about 60 magnets so it was quite time consuming! The pieces were cut out, laminated, cut out again and then had a small piece of magnet glued to the back - I used a small square cut from magnet sheets. On the back there is a little note saying Happy Cruising and our name and stateroom number. The magnets measure about 5cm across so they were super easy to pack, and the children loved wandering around the ship and choosing which doors to leave them on. I hope that they brought a smile to people's faces!

Disney magnets for cruise door pixie dust

If you want to follow my crafting progress, don't forget our crafting community over on Instagram. Just take a look at #craftingismytherapy_september (the hashtag changes each month) and you'll see some beautiful crafty projects.

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