Wednesday 26 September 2018

Crafting for Diwali with Twinkl Resources

In 2018, Diwali will be celebrated on the 7th November. I always like to remind my children of the Diwali story as the time approaches, and we celebrate with family as well as doing some themed crafts and activities. Today I'm sharing some Diwali themed printables from Twinkl Resources that you can use at home with your children to help them learn about the Diwali story and to decorate your home.

When it comes to telling the Diwali story, a great place to start is the Diwali Story PowerPoint (Premium resource). The Diwali story is told in simple language with engaging illustrations, and finishes by explaining briefly why Diwali is celebrated today. You can bring the story to life with these Diwali Story Puppets (Premium resource) or put together this Diwali Paper Toy Character Set (Premium resource) to make some fun Diwali toys. They make great decorations too! If you are looking for a free resource, you could make your own puppets using these Diwali Colouring Sheets.

Decorating for Diwali is lots of fun, and Twinkl have plenty of resources to help. I like to decorate the mantelpiece in our living room for special occasions, so I started with some Diwali Bunting (Premium resource). The bunting is bright and colourful, featuring characters from the story and Diwali symbols like lanterns and diwa lamps.

At each end I added a Simple 3D Diwali Decoration (Premium resource) that you can either print already coloured, or in black and white so that it can be coloured yourself.

There are plenty more of decorations to print, including these Diwali Themed Paper Chains (Premium resource) as well as lots of craft ideas in this Diwali Craft Activity Pack (Premium resource) which would make great decorations.

When it comes to making Diwali cards, Twinkl also has plenty of different options. If you are looking for a free resource, I really like these Diwali Card Templates which are lovely and bright. You could also use the free Diwali Colouring Sheets that I mentioned above, perhaps by printing to different sizes, colouring them in, and using them to decorate blank cards.

There are also some lovely Happy Diwali Card Templates (Premium resource) that children can colour themselves, and my favourite cards are the Diwali Pop Up Cards (Premium resource), we'll definitely be sending some of these this year!

As you can see, Twinkl have plenty of Diwali themed crafts to keep you and your little ones entertained and to bring some colour into your home!

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If you are teaching your young children about Diwali, here are some books that they might enjoy:

The Best Diwali Ever (affiliate link) - A heart warming picture book about Diwali, siblings and how very special this celebration can be.

Diwali colouring book for kids (affiliate link) - A simple coloring book for young children, suitable for ages 2-5. Contains all sorts of things to colour including lamps, fireworks, candles, lanterns, food & rangoli patterns.

First Festivals: Diwali (affiliate link) - Featuring simple text, gorgeous illustrations and satisfying lift-the-flaps, this book explores common Diwali traditions and helps young children understand the importance of this special holiday.

Mr Men and Little Miss Happy Diwali (affiliate link) - The five-day festival of lights is celebrated by millions of people across the world and the Mr Men and Little Miss can't wait to join in. They're busy cleaning their homes, creating Rangolis, lighting lamps and enjoying all the festivities, including large feasts that Mr Greedy is particularly looking forward to. It’s going to be a busy five days of light and laughter!

I've also collected together lots of fun Diwali crafts and activities on my Diwali Pinterest board:

Follow Jennifer Jain's board Diwali Crafts and Activities on Pinterest.

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