Friday 26 October 2018

My happy places around the world

On our recent cruise we spent a day in Stavanger, Norway, and I mentioned to Harry, almost without thinking, that this was one of my 'happy places' around the world. It reminded me of some of the other places around the world that I've been lucky enough to visit, and some of them stay so firmly in my memory as places that I feel happy, at peace, and I'd love go visit again and again. So I thought I'd share with you some of my happy places, and why I love them so much.

I've already mentioned Stavanger. Possibly one of the reasons that I love it is that I have visited it as part of a cruise, which has already put me in an excellent frame of mind, but it's a lovely city, everything is in walking distance, and the houses are lovely. I think I could happily live here!

Cruise ship docked in Stavanger

Bryce Canyon in Utah is an American national park. I fell in love immediately with the distinctively shaped orange rocks, contrasting with the blue sky and the green trees, but it became even more special as it is where Ram proposed. I'd like to take the children there one day, and see if we can find our way back to the same spot.

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Castaway Cay is Disney's private island in the Bahamas, which you can only visit as part of a Disney cruise. It's just lovely - gorgeous calm blue sea, soft sand, lots of activities to keep children really is paradise. I bought a key ring on our visit that I keep on the keys to the garage, and in winter when I'm braving the trip outside to put the washing in the dryer it reminds me of our fabulous day there. I hope I'm able to visit again one day!

Castaway Cay, Bahamas, Disney's island

Center Parcs has been one of our favourite holiday destinations since the children were tiny, in fact it was our first holiday with Harry when he was just four months old. I love arriving at the lodge in the forest, unpacking, and then sending the car away for the next few days. The lodges are so cosy, the swimming pool keeps everyone entertained and tires them out, and there is plenty of forest to explore.

Center Parcs, Whinfell Forest

Port Campbell in Victoria, Australia, is one of many popular stops along the Great Ocean Road drive. I loved Australia in its entirety, but even though we were only in Port Campbell for one day amongst many other stops, there was something about the town. My memories are getting hazy and I'm sure it has changed a great deal, but I remember a beautiful sandy beach which was enclosed on each side with cliffs, and going for a walk along it in the evening. There was also so little light pollution that you could see the stars really clearly and it was such a peaceful and relaxed place.

Finally, there is at least one of my happy places that I can visit pretty much as often as I want to. Goring Beach, Worthing. I love it here at all times of the year, the pebbles that you can sit on without needing to get rid of sand afterwards, the winds and the kite surfers, walking along with beach on one side and grass on the other listening to the sound of the waves. I also have many happy memories of times spent here with family and friends.

Goring Beach, Worthing

Where are your happy places around the world? Are they ones that you can get to easily, or do you need to hope you can travel back there someday?

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