Wednesday 29 January 2020

Free - Small Disney Castle cross stitch design pattern

I created this free mini Disney Castle cross stitch pattern when I was designing the extra images that I needed for my cross stitch map which tracks my travels across the world. The pink and purple castle doesn't represent any particular Disney Castle, but I hope that it's a good enough representation of the iconic centrepiece that features in all the Disney theme parks!

The cross stitch castle pattern is created using just a few simple colours - three shades of pink for the castle itself, a light purple for the turrets and a dark purple for the windows and flags. It's finished with brown for the door and yellow or gold for the window frame. I used embroidery silks from my stash, and you could easily vary the colours to make your own individual castle design. For example you could use black for the windows or blue for the flags. The design is completed with back stitch in black, which makes the colours and different areas really stand out.

The basic Disney Castle cross stitch pattern is below:

Free Disney Castle small cross stitch pattern

I also amended the pattern to create a day and a night version. This day version has a light blue background to represent the sky. You could add some trees or other greenery if you wanted to expand the design a little.

Free Disney Castle small cross stitch design

The night version of the Disney Castle has a darker blue background and then uses back stitch to make fireworks. These could be stitched in any colour, or perhaps in a gold or other metallic thread.

Disney Castle small cross stitch pattern

I used the cross stitch design to represent all the Disney theme parks that we've visited on our travels around the world. I used a darker blue background, then gold metallic thread for the detail around the window and the fireworks in the sky. I'm really pleased with how it looks on my cross stitch map!

Disney castle simple small cross stitch design

You could use this Disney castle cross stitch design for a greetings card or small framed picture. It could also be used as part of a larger sampler, and because the design is so simple it would be a lovely cross stitch project for a beginner or child. If you use this pattern I'd love to see a photograph of your finished piece!

Free Disney Castle small cross stitch designs

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