Thursday 10 September 2020

Back to school

Like children all across the country, this week mine return to school. Harry went back for a few weeks in July but that didn't feel like real school, more of a chance to catch up with friends and say a proper goodbye to his junior school. The school run was easy with no traffic on the roads, he didn't have to wear uniform, and he had no homework.

Now of course we are back to school properly, with Mia joining Year 5 and Harry starting Year 7 at the senior school. We had a fair bit of anxiety leading up to the first morning, but I'm pleased to say that so far the transition seems to be going well. Of course they are tired, and I'm sure missing their screens, but they have both settled well and seem to be enjoying themselves. 

There are a few changes - no blazers this term, PE kit to be worn all day on PE days, and staggered start and pick up times that are a little bit awkward at first. Harry spends most of the day in one classroom rather than moving around for different lessons, so he doesn't need to worry about being trodden on by the older pupils because he doesn't see them!

As for myself, I feel a bit lost now that they are back at school. I need to remember what I used to do to fill my time! I've made a list of my September goals, and I'm hoping to pick up my exercise again as well as getting back into the blogging. 

I do have a feeling of unease at the back of my mind. Both concerns about the virus and concerns that at any minute the school may have to close and they'll be back home again, with all the distress that will cause. But for now I'm really pleased that they are doing well and are happy to be back learning with their friends.

Kids back to school standing by door

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