Wednesday 9 September 2020

Tyre Material: What makes your car tyres powerful?

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Different tyres are used by motorists depending on different weather and road conditions. While some differences in tyres may be noticeable, others may go unnoticed. For example tyre rubber is one compound that is difficult to differentiate but greatly affects tyres’ overall performance and longevity. In this article, such compounds will be discussed, so that readers are well aware of what makes their tyres better and powerful:


The main component of a car tyre is rubber, also known as polymer. Leading tyre manufacturers make sure of the fact that the selected tyre material will get you safe through any weather. Therefore, the rubber compound used to make tyres helps in increasing tyre grip, increases elasticity and reduces downtime. 


Fillers are black carbon or silica that are generally added to the tyre rubber to reduce tyre wear. Alone rubber can crumble, but with fillers tyres become more resistant to wear and helps improving your car’s mileage as well. 

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Plasticisers are used to ensure that the car is safe to drive during rainy and snowy seasons. These are oils and resins that make sure that the tyre has improved grip and rolling resistance. Plasticisers may also help in preventing the hardening of rubber during cold weather. In winter tyres, these oils are used more so that the tyres offer better grip and safety during low temperatures. 

Tyre Care 

Now that we are aware of primary components of tyres, therefore efforts should be made to prevent tyre wearing and improving tyres’ longevity. Rubber is a compound that tends to wear out with the passage of time. Improper maintenance and excess heat can accelerate the process of tyre wear. Due to these reasons, cracks may appear on the surface or sidewalls of tyres. Such a tyre can prove to be dangerous, as driving with it can result in tread separation or even a blowout while driving. 

By maintaining tyre pressure, rotating your tyres regularly and investing in wheel alignment one can surely decrease the process of tyre wear. Excess tyre wear can be dangerous to drive along with, therefore always opt for replacing your tyres if they do not appear to be roadworthy. For readers looking for car tyres in Basingstoke, reserve tyres online from Headley Tyres Basingstoke Branch and make sure you’re driving safely.

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