Thursday 3 September 2020

It's September and I'm saying goodbye and hello...

September is now underway, and the children will very shortly returning to school after a break much longer than I ever imagined back in March. It's a big change for us all, and a departure from the new habits and routines that we've developed over the last few, very strange, months. Here are some of the things that I'll be saying goodbye and hello to, some more gratefully than others.

Goodbye to...

* The constant presence of the children. Providing a stream of snacks and entertainment served alongside far too much screen time.

* Late nights and lie-ins.

* The continuous noise of squeaky voices throughout the house.

* Clutter and junk lying around leading to constant tidying.

* Daily refilling of the toilet roll holders.

* Watering and weeding the garden every day.

* Long light summer evenings and star gazing.

Hello to...

* Back to a familiar routine - school runs, homework, piano practice, early nights and the chance to watch television as a couple once the children are in bed.

* Hopefully returning to the gym, or at least attempting a little more exercise.

* Some uninterrupted time for work and blogging during the day.

* Tidying something and it remaining tidy for several hours.

* Constant driving back and forth to school.

* The chance to work on a craft project without interruption.

It has been a lovely long summer, it was difficult at times but fortunately in the main it has been a time to look back on with fondness. We've been blessed with the most wonderful weather and with two lovely children that are old enough to look after themselves for a large proportion of the day, yet will still play happily together and indulge me when I just want to grab and hug them.

We have some big changes ahead. Harry starts senior school next week, a transition which would have been challenging enough at the best of times, and who knows how the next few months will pan out. But for the most part I'm looking forward to the next season of our lives. 

Autumn leaves hanging on a line
Photo credit Chris Lawton via Unsplash

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