Friday 28 May 2021

Essential car checks before a road trip

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If you are planning to go on a road trip with your family over the coming season, you need to be prepared very well to avoid any car trouble and to have a pleasant trip. If you follow the following car checks before leaving for a road trip it will help you save you unnecessary car repair costs and help you enjoy an enjoyable journey. 

Check Fuel Level

No one misses this check , however at times motorists in a hurry forget checking the fuel levels before they go out for a drive. At times you might have put adequate fuel for your vehicle to be driven however it may finish quicker than expected which means your car is losing its fuel efficiency. In that case you would have to change your driving style to a smoother driving or get it checked by a proper service centre to see which part of your car is causing this trouble. 

Is your MOT certificate up to date?

Having an up to date MOT certificate is very important if you are driving in the UK, not only to help your car perform better but also for you and your family’s safety.  The MOT test ensures that all the important parts of your vehicle are performing well. If you have just have purchased a new car, you won't be liable for an MOT test until three years have passed.  

However if your car is older and is reaching the MOT expiration date then it is very important to take your car for MOT renewal certification. Some of the parts that are mandatory to be checked during MOT are exhausts, battery, engine, tyres, windows, mirrors and tyres to name a few. 

An MOT test usually takes an hour for a normal vehicle, however if any mentioned part is not up to MOT level then you will have to stay back to get it fixed there and then. In case you want to book MOT, you can check DAT Tyres here. It is important to note that not having a proper MOT certificate can result in you paying heavy fines.

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Are your tyres fit ?

How to know if your tyres are fit to be driven on a long route? You just need to see three major things in order to determine whether your tyres are roadworthy or not. First of all and most importantly checking the tyre pressure levels is very important. You can check this on your own with a portable tyre pressure measuring gauge. If it falls under adequate level, then you are good to go. Next thing you need to see is whether your wheels are properly aligned or not. You can easily note incorrect wheel alignment if your steering vibrates while you are on drive, or in case you have properly aligned tyres while parking and the steering wheel has tilted in either direction. If any such a case occurs you can get help from a nearby tyre garage. Lastly, you need to measure the appropriate tread depth of the tyres , if it is around 1.6mm you are safe to go . However if the tread falls below the mentioned level that means you would require a tyre change. 

Keep Essentials

In order to achieve a smooth and happy trip with your family you need to gear up by packing proper snacks that you can store for a longer road road trip. Sandwiches or crisps are among few snacks that are tasty and that cause less mess in the car. Furthermore, keeping cell phone chargers is essential too. If your battery runs out and you require any help you would easily be able to contact the required person. 

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