Thursday 13 May 2021

Four ways to help your kids to express themselves creatively

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For many kids, being creative is a breeze and comes naturally. For others, though, it is not always so easy. Children who tend to be shy or reserved may find it difficult to express themselves through creative works, but that doesn’t mean they should miss out on all the benefits of healthy self-expression. 

Creative self-expression is more than just a fun way to pass the time. It’s an important part of development, especially for young children. Little ones who have not yet experienced excessive peer pressure have not yet felt forced to shut themselves down in order to fit in. By teaching your child about the importance of self-expression—and showing them how to express themselves creatively—at a young age could prevent them from sacrificing their personal likes for the sake of conformity. And when kids maintain their likes and express themselves in their own ways, they are less likely to fall victim to low self-esteem and depression as they get older. 

From using diamond painting supplies to create beautiful works of art to participating in a dance class, there are several things you can do to help your kids learn to express themselves creatively. Keep reading to learn more! 

1. Encourage an Interest in Art

Diamond painting in progress

It is no secret art is a great way to express oneself. From drawings and paintings to theater and dance, the arts encompass many things, all of which are excellent for self-expression. Even if your child does not perceive themselves as “artistic,” there are types of art appropriate for anyone. 

Diamond painting is an excellent option for a child who would like to create beautiful images but has not yet mastered the art of painting or drawing. Diamond art kits come with everything needed to make captivating mosaic artwork regardless of age and artistic skill. Similar to both cross-stitch and painting by numbers, this project involves placing colored resin “diamonds” in specific locations on a printed adhesive canvas. The gems may look random when viewed up close, but from a distance, diamond paintings reveal landscapes, characters and other images and designs. 

If your child is bursting with energy and needs an outlet, the creative arts may be a better choice. Enrolling them in a dance or theater class is an excellent way to help them burn off excess energy while allowing them to express themselves on the stage. Who knows? Enrolling your son in a dance class today could lead to him being a broadway star a few years from now! 

2. Support Their Style

Child dressed for a party

Kids have very little control over many aspects of their lives. They have to go to school, eat the food you purchase and prepare, tag along when running errands, do their chores… The list goes on and on. While parents control many aspects of their children’s lives in order to keep them safe and ensure they are on the right path in life, the lack of control can take its toll. This is especially true as kids get older.

One thing you can let your kids control is their personal style. Clothing is a type of self-expression, and it is smart to let your kids wear what they want (within reason). Let your kids pick out their own clothes and wear what makes them feel good. If they look a bit silly, so what? Your child’s style will evolve as they age. Allowing them to experiment with different looks is an excellentand relatively harmlessway to encourage self-expression. In time, allowing your child to choose their own style can boost their confidence and self-esteem.

3. Offer Choices

Child in library choosing a book

It may seem insignificant, but something as simple as allowing your toddler to choose which book they’d like to have read to them at bedtime is an important step in encouraging them to express themself. Let them show and tell you which books, toys and other things are their favorites, and encourage them to enjoy the ones they love most. Even letting your child decide between two pairs of shoes in the morning rather than choosing them yourself allows them to express themself in a small way. 

As they get older, give your kids choices when redecorating their bedrooms, choosing where the family goes out for dinner or planning outings and vacations. Encourage them to speak up and tell you what makes them happy. And remember not to put down their suggestions even if you don’t think they are as great as your child does. It’s important to make them feel like their thoughts and ideas are valid. 

4. Encourage Exploration

As a parent, it can be frustrating when your child wants to try dance class one week and join the soccer team the next. Before you force your child to stick with the first hobby they picked, though, take a deep breath and remind yourself that your child is still learning about their likes and dislikes. Allow them to try different activities and hobbies to find the ones they enjoy most instead of forcing them to stick with something they hate. 

Browse websites or brochures together instead of choosing things yourself. Again, offering choices is an excellent means of encouraging self-expression. Let your kids try new things, and don’t be upset when something doesn’t work out. Even adults don’t always enjoy the things they think they will. Why should we expect a five-year-old to? 

The Bottom Line

Learning self-expression is vital to a child’s development. Unfortunately, many kids never learn how to express themselves in ways they enjoy. Encouraging your kids to express themselves from a young age is an excellent means of helping them grow into happy, confident and well-adjusted teens and adults. The suggestions above are just a few of the many things you can start doing today to help your child express themselves creatively. You may need to get creative yourself, too, to determine the way that works best for your unique son or daughter. 

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