Friday 21 May 2021

Using AI to generate blog post titles

Recently Harry and I were watching some YouTube videos together and we came across this one which was a lot of fun to watch. The video is about using AI to come up with ideas for new video content, and surprisingly many of the ideas would actually work really well. (And Tom Scott is well worth a follow by the way, he's published some fascinating videos on a whole range of topics!)

Harry was fascinated by the whole idea, and he took it upon himself to generate some new blog post ideas for me using DeepAI. He entered in all my blog post titles since March 1st this year to see what the AI would come up with. I've picked out some of my favourites below!

Some blog post ideas which were complete nonsense

Swinging on ice and snow with my dogs

My Christmas gift for April - update

Review - Tinted Shapes

Releasing 3D for children

A few which came surprisingly close, with just slight mistakes

How New York City got me interested in cross stitch 

My birthday in March - update

I'm getting sick of writing and I can't stop 

How we can take our children off the leash and help them be a productive participant 

How I decided to be an adult this year for over a year 

How my work will improve my day 

The ones that would actually work pretty well as blog posts

The day-to-day routine of a family 

My plan to do a lot more activities this fall 

My new blog

We’re having a year break now

My training schedule and strategies 

Tin to flower pot 

And finally, the ones that inspired me to think about writing an actual post!

Our kids are now in school. This is amazing!

What does my daughter think of my blog posts?

What Roblox says about parents

My advice for kids - making the most of the holidays 

A look at my new "I did" journal 

We had a lot of fun looking through this list (there were many more that I've not included here!) and he's been using the tool to come up with all sorts of things. He had a lot of fun generating potential new book titles from his favourite authors, along with blurbs and reviews of these imaginary books. It's also fun to produce paragraphs of vaguely sensible text based on random complete and unfinished sentences that you type in. 

If you use it to make up some new blog or video titles I'd love to hear how you get on!

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