Monday 4 April 2022

Hama bead Minecraft Easter egg designs

Hama bead Minecraft themed Easter eggs

With the Easter holidays coming up, Hama beads are a great craft and activity to keep the children occupied for a little while. If you are trying to get your children to take a break from playing Minecraft on their screen, then these Minecraft themed Easter egg designs are a great way to keep them busy along with improving fine motor and concentration skills.

My Minecraft themed Hama bead designs are created using a square pegboard and the midi Hama beads, which are the size of bead that are most commonly available. You can find links to the products required at the bottom of this post. 

Most of the bead colours that you will need should be found in a mix of solid beads (different packs vary with regard to the colours available) but you will probably need to purchase the flesh coloured beads separately. Hobbycraft also sell their own range of fuse beads called Picture Beads which are good quality and also work well - and here you can buy a pack of more varied flesh toned beads.

Below are the patterns that I used for my Minecraft Easter eggs. Made on the square pegboard they are quite simple and older children should be able to follow them without too much trouble. 

There are designs for a pig, skeleton, player, creeper, enderman and sheep. 

Hama bead Minecraft Easter egg designs

When it comes to ironing, children will need the help of an adult. If you are new to Hama beads I have written a post with some ironing tips for Hama beads which I would recommend giving a read. I like to iron my designs on both sides so that the beads are firmly fused together, and I like to iron the designs quite lightly so that you can still see the holes in the beads. 

Hama bead Minecraft Easter egg designs and patterns

When complete, these Minecraft themed Easter egg decorations could have ribbon or string added to be hung from an Easter tree or turned into simple magnets. 

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