Friday 22 April 2022

Making frames for pictures using Hama beads

Hama bead frames designs and patterns
Over the years on my blog I've shared many Hama bead crafts and projects, and some of my favourites are the Hama bead frames. I really like Hama bead projects with a practical purpose and I have lots of frames on display with my favourite photographs and postcards. Here are some of my favourites, click on the link for a full tutorial:

Hama bead heart frames

These heart frames are made using the large Hama bead heart pegboard which is a really versatile pegboard.

Hama bead heart frames for Valentine's Day crafts

Hama bead photo frames

These simple frames are made using a square pegboard. For a larger frame can link official Hama bead pegboards together using slots at sides so you can make them as large as you like, or until your bead stash runs out! My favourite is the car themed frame with tiny cars which stick to the front of the frame.

Hama bead frames for photographs

Hama bead summer themed frame designs

These frames have a summer theme, with bright colours and one with an extra flower embellishment.

Hama bead photograph frames

Hama bead Roman mosaic border ideas

We made these Roman frames when we were having a Roman themed day. This one uses the large circular pegboard and you can also see some designs using the square pegboard.

Hama bead Roman mosaic inspired frames

Hama bead Easter egg frames

Finally I used the large Easter egg pegboard to make these Easter themed frames. We stuck coloured tissue paper to the back to use them as seasonal suncatchers in the window.

Hama bead Easter egg frames for suncatchers

Happy Hama bead crafting!

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