Wednesday 27 April 2022

The things that I bring back from holiday

I'm not a big one for shopping when we go away on holiday. With one exception - if I am lucky enough to be vising the US then I can't resist a craft shop haul! The holiday souvenirs that I bring back tend to be of the free or very cheap variety, for example postcards, leaflets, attraction tickets, shells and the occasional magnet. But I'm always open to local bits and pieces that catch my eye - I couldn't resist these gorgeous little bowls from our last holiday in Rhodes!

Greek souvenir bowls from Rhodes

However that's not to say that I don't bring anything back when we go away. I find that being on holiday and away from everyday life is a fantastic way to clear my mind, and often leads to an abundance of creativity.

I find myself trying to take gorgeous photographs, and I come up with ideas for crafts that I want to try and new projects that I want to undertake when I get home. I always have a notebook with me and I'm often scribbling away, just random thoughts and ideas.

My ideas might not always be for the most interesting of projects, but they can be very productive. On a holiday to the Isle of Wight I read The Organised Mum Method book and worked out a housework schedule that I still use today. While in Snowdonia back in 2014 I read about how bloggers can use editorial calendars and was inspired to start one of my own, making a massive difference to how seriously I took my blog. In Rhodes last Autumn I brainstormed, planned and scheduled blog posts for at least the next three months. And it definitely didn't feel as though I was working while away on holiday - I just found that the ideas kept flooding in.

Finally the most important thing that I bring back from holiday is plenty of memories. We always have a great time as a family, and it's so noticeable once the stresses of work and school are taken away. We have some wonderful conversations now that the children are older, and we love to try new experiences and explore different places. I always feel rejuvenated, not just from having some time to relax (some of our holidays are very full on without much sitting around!) but also from all the new things that I've seen and done.

What do you bring back from a holiday?

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  1. Those bowls are gorgeous. It is nice to get get away and clear your mind. Apart from the piles of washing I always bring back a ton of photos and relaxed attitude. I need a holiday soon . lol x


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