Wednesday 8 March 2023

Homemade felt Easter bunting

One of my resolutions this year was to try and make a bit of a dent in my craft stash. In particular I have lots of felt and fabric, as well as drawers full of crafty bits and pieces like ribbon and buttons. I love crafting for the different seasons and celebrations, so I decided to make some felt Easter bunting to hang over the fireplace, inspired by my Halloween felt bunting.

I used the same cardboard template to cut out six flags in a variety of different pastel colours. I decided that three of the flags would have decorated Easter eggs and the other three would have a sheep, a chicken and a bunny.

Felt Easter bunting six flags

For the different pictures I just searched online for line drawings of the shapes that I wanted, altering them a little to suit how I wanted them to look. I traced the designs from my computer screen onto some plain paper which I used to make templates for cutting out the felt pieces.

Felt Easter homemade bunting with bunny and chick

Once I had my six different designs planned out I went through my stash for embellishments that would fit. I used a lot of buttons for this bunting, and also various scraps of ribbon in shorter lengths which I had been hoarding. To sew the various parts together I turned to my collection of embroidery threads and cottons.

Homemade felt Easter bunting with eggs and sheep

The bunting is strung together with a length of coloured thread - it was in a Christmas themed pack but I think it fits the bunting flags well! I used a needle to thread it through the flags so they can be easily positioned in case I hang the bunting in a different place in the future. I keep a small command hook on either side of the mantlepiece that I use to attach any decorations.

Homemade felt Easter bunting hanging on fireplace

I'm really pleased with my seasonal bunting! I know that Easter isn't for a little while yet but it has inspired me to get out our small collection of Easter decorations too,and my fireplace makes me smile every time I see it.

Homemade Easter bunting decor with felt and craft scraps

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  1. Aww! This bunting is so cute. I especially like the sheep and chick piece. Adorable. x


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