Friday 3 March 2023

Things that my older children still need me for

I am very much enjoying the fact that now my children are older they are less dependent on me. I love being able to pop out for a run or to the shops without dragging them along with me, and I'm very glad that those nightly reading records are now a distant memory.

But even though they are slowly becoming more independent, there are lots of things that they still need me for!

Taking to school - this is the big one. We made the decision to send our children to school in the nearest town and we are very happy with our choice as it's a great school. But the public transport options are limited, and so for the moment they need to be driven there and back. Luckily our family setup means that we can do it.

Plaiting hair - this was proven when I went away for a few days at the beginning of the year. Mia likes to wear her hair in two plaits, and it's not something that she can do herself. I'm pretty good at plaiting -  she has such unruly hair that I've been plaiting it at least once a day for about ten years now. But my husband lacks the skill so they had to come up with a ponytail hairstyle for her while I was away!

Putting to bed - they both still like to have an individual chat with me before bed.

Printing things - Harry has got this sorted but Mia's laptop doesn't seem to want to do it, so I'm often being called upon to print an urgent piece of homework.

Washing and sorting clothes - I spend a lot of time doing the washing and getting it ready. I do have a new rule - clothes that are put in the washing pile inside out are returned washed and folded but still inside out!

Making food - Harry can make his own breakfast and lunch now which is brilliant! But Mia still needs a bit of help, she claims to be scared of the toaster. I make the packed lunches but to be honest it's easier for me to just get on and do it than have everyone faffing around making their own!

Removing spiders from bedrooms and bathrooms - I'm not very good at this myself but I will grit my teeth and get to it with a glass and piece of cardboard.

Emotional support - they often have things going on that need to be talked about. It can be hard work but I don't mind being there to talk to, it's an important part of my job!

But even though some of these things might be a bit of a pain, I do know that I'll definitely miss them when I'm not needed any more!

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  1. It is good as the children get older they need us that little bit less but it is still nice to be needed. My girls still need me for things even though they're 15 & 20.
    My girls still like a chat before bed too and I think the only time I will get out of doing their washing is when they move out. lol


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