Monday 17 April 2023

A fabric stash update

I recently decided that I wanted to make a big effort to work my way through my fabric stash. It's not a huge stash compared to many fabric crafters, but it was starting to overflow the drawer space that I had available, and I was feeling bad about all the pretty fabric that I had stashed away. 

I've shared a few of my recent fabric stash projects here on the blog:

Drawstring bags for Disney cruise gifts

Drawstring shoe bags for travel

Crumb patchwork phone case

Scrunchies for cruising

A selection of my fabric stash projects

My latest project was another travel related project - I wanted to make myself a simple eye mask to wear for sleeping on a plane. There are lots of tutorials online but I settled on this one from Tilly and the Buttons as it has a free pattern, a video, and also written instructions if you need to slow down a bit!

The tutorial was fairly easy to follow, and I think that I managed to make myself a reasonable eye mask!

First attempt at sewing own eye mask

It's definitely far from perfect - the process was very fiddly and I ended up having to take it all apart and start again which meant that it all ended up a little smaller than it should be! I was particularly pleased with the fabric elastic covering which took me ages to work out, it's easy to sew up a narrow tube but not so easy to turn it the right way round!

I'll be trying it out on our next holiday but I think that I may need to revisit this project and have another go to improve it a little! I know that I'm supposed to be working through my stash, but I'm tempted to see if I can buy some cheap fleece material (or perhaps recycle an old blanket) to make a fluffy eye mask.

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