Monday 4 December 2023

The elves are back!

It's easy to forget when your child is a tiny toddler that those elves are now committed to returning year after year! With the magic of Christmas still fully alive in our home, our elves have returned to join us for the festive season. They are renamed each year, and so this Christmas we have Holly (a conventional name from Mia) and Wernher von Braun (an unusual choice, named by Harry after his favourite rocket scientist). 

Two elves sitting in the Christmas tree

In years past they have arrived with a ring on the doorbell, but as it's quite cold this year they just appeared underneath the Christmas tree next to a gift bag containing the Advent calendars. Usually both children just receive a chocolate Advent calendar but Mia has been pestering for a fidget toy Advent calendar for years so we finally gave in. Harry wasn't that fussed about a fancy calendar so we bought him a new book about space instead. They also both have a chocolate one (as do I!)

I remember being so excited on the 1st of December each year when we were given our Advent calendars and they were hung up on a nail in the hallway. The early ones were just a picture, although I do remember progressing to the chocolate ones when they were more readily available! I actually would quite like a traditional Advent calendar with no chocolate, but they are more expensive than the chocolate ones!

And so the countdown to Christmas has begun!

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  1. I miss doing the elves for my girls. I said today I should do it next year just for some fun and giggles. hehehe
    I hope Mia is enjoying her fidget advent calendar and that is a good idea to get Harry a book instead. I remember being a child and not having chocolate in my advent calendar. We're showing our ages now. hehehe


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