Monday 11 December 2023

Some of my favourite Christmas felt crafts

As I was putting out my Christmas decorations this year I realised how many of them are things that I've crafted over the years and have enjoyed bringing out year after year. Many of my favourite homemade Christmas decorations involve felt, and so I thought I'd share a few here. 

These Felt Christmas stocking decorations are the very first Christmas decoration that I made, it must be over twenty years ago now! I remember making a special trip to town to buy the felt and the beads as I had just moved out of home and hadn't yet built up a craft stash. I still have some of the beads left and they crop up from time to time in my projects, like the felt star ornaments at the bottom of this post.

They were copied from ones that I remembered my Mum making when I was little - they are designed to hold a small funsize bar of chocolate and hang on the tree as an alternative to chocolate foil decorations. The children used to use them as mini stockings for their soft toys!

Felt Christmas stocking ornaments

Next, this Embroidered felt Christmas bunting has hung over our mantlepiece every year since I made it. It was very easy to make, just pendants of felt and some simple embroidery (using an outline drawn on tissue paper, sewn through and removed). 

Embroidered felt Christmas pendant bunting

I made this Cross stitch snowflake felt bunting using snowflake designs from my free simple snowflake cross stitch patterns. They were very quick to make using scraps of Aida fabric and oddments of thread. I then cut and sewed together simple felt circles to frame them. 

Simple cross stitch snowflake and felt Christmas bunting

This Felt Christmas tree and bauble bunting is formed of four small felt Christmas trees and four decorated baubles. I loved hunting through my stash to find ric rac, ribbon and beads to decorate them with and they look lovely hung in my office window. 

Felt Christmas bunting with trees and baubles

My Felt star Christmas ornaments were a felt stash busting project, using up felt in different colours that I had remaining from various completed projects. Initially I had them on display in a bowl in the living room, but I've since added some coloured thread so that they can be hung from the tree.

Felt star Christmas ornaments

Finally, a few years ago I received some festive ornament felt kits to review and they were lovely to do, simple enough to be completed in a few crafting sessions but challenging enough to still be interesting. If you don't have a craft stash to work from then buying a kit with everything that you need is a great alternative, and they are often very reasonably priced!

I hope that you enjoy your Christmas crafting!

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  1. We have some felt decorations on the tree that my girls made about 10 years ago. They'll always be special. What lovely decorations you have, they are all so pretty. x


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