Friday 2 December 2022

Felt star Christmas hanging ornaments with buttons and beads

Lately I've been attempting to work my way through some of the crafty bits and pieces that I have in my stash. I've been challenging myself to craft with what I have rather than buying new, and I've also found that sorting through my various stashes has been a great way to kickstart my creativity. 

One of my recent makes has been these felt hanging ornaments. Measuring about 6cm in diameter, these circular decorations are made using contrasting felt star shapes and buttons and filled with a small amount of stuffing. I worked using felt from a limited palette of green, red, purple, pink and mustard (the colour scheme being determined by what I had available!). They are finished with a coloured central button and some small seed beads. I bought the beads when I made some mini felt Christmas stockings for our first Christmas tree together - nearly twenty years ago!

Felt Christmas ornaments with stars and beads

When the felt ornaments were complete I thought of a few ways to display them. I was originally thinking about placing them loose in a basket or bowl by the fireplace, or hanging them from some ribbon to display as bunting. But in the end I decided to turn them into hanging ornaments.

Felt Christmas ornaments with star design

Luckily I had some lovely thick gold thread in my stash, so I used it to make the hanging loops. They can be hung from the tree, or else I might look for some mini suction hooks to hang them across the window. I really love the (perhaps unusual) colour combination and I really enjoyed sewing these ornaments together. Working with felt is so satisfying!

Homemade felt hanging Christmas ornaments with star design and buttons

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  1. These are really unique and are ever so pretty. What a great way to use up your crafty bits and pieces x


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