Thursday 22 December 2022

Catching up with the unwatched television

Now that the children are older and staying up later it's really cutting into our television viewing time. My husband and I used to easily watch a film during the evening, but now we struggle to even fit in an episode of a television show once the children are in bed! Many things that we watch aren't very suitable for younger eyes, so we have to wait until they are out of the way.

There are also lots of new shows that we want to watch as a family, but it can be tricky to fit in an episode after dinner during the week when the children have homework and other things to be getting on with.

So we have decided this Christmas to make an effort to get through some of the series and films that we have stacking up on our 'to watch' list, as well as making room for for any seasonal programming that catches our eye.

Television showing Netflix at Christmas time
Photo credit Tom├ís Evaristo via Unsplash

We've made a start already, and we just finished watching the adaptation of The Essex Serpent. I did enjoy it but I really liked the book, and I think that perhaps I would have been better just reading the book again! It's not the first time that I've watched an adaptation of a favourite book and felt that the book was better, so I'll be more mindful of that in future. However we have just started watching the new series of His Dark Materials and I'm finding this series to be an excellent adaptation of some of my favourite books, so I'll have to keep an open mind too!

Another book adaptation that I enjoy is The Handmaid's Tale, and we need to get started on the latest season of that along with Bridgerton. I've not read the Bridgerton books but I enjoyed the first season.

Watching with the family, we've just finished The Rings of Power which wasn't as bad as I was expecting, it was quite watchable although the episodes felt rather long. We've just started Andor which is a Star Wars spin off, it had a slow start but we are sticking with it for now in case it ups the pace a bit as the episodes are quite short.

Finally being fans of Monkey World we need to get through the rest of the new Monkey Life episodes and I also want to watch some more Malory Towers with Mia. I spotted that there is a Christmas special so we will start with that!

We also have quite a few films to get through as well, some festive ones and some that have been on the to watch list for ages. Luckily quite a few of them are family ones so we can all watch them together! We definitely have lots to keep us busy over the holidays!

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  1. Christmas is a great time to catch up on TV although I keep getting distracted by films. I had planned on watching the new season of Emily in Paris but ended up watching Paddington. lol
    We are saving His Dark Materials until it's finished and then we'll watch it all in one go. The new series of The Handmaids Tale was so good, so many twists. x


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