Wednesday 7 December 2022

Upcycling a Christmas ornament from the sales

Last January I found myself in a local garden centre where they were selling off the last dregs of the Christmas stock. My eye was caught by this simple wooden tree ornament filled with jangly bells. It was reduced from £12 to £3 which I thought was a good price, but it was just too plain for me. I could see the potential though so I picked it up and had a think about what I could do to make it a bit more colourful.

Plain wooden Christmas tree ornament with bells

A few coats of paint later and I think it looks great! I've kept the bells white and just added the gold star, green tree, brown trunk and red base. Then I took some glitter glue and added a coat to the star and base for some extra sparkle. 

If I had paid full price for the ornament I wouldn't have dared touch it, but because it was cheap I was happy to have a play with it and I'm really pleased with the result. It will look lovely next to our fireplace!

Painted wooden Christmas tree ornament with bells

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  1. That is really pretty, what a great bit of upcycling. x


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