Friday 30 December 2022

How to read more in 2023

I love to read, and I read a lot of books. I don't like to set myself reading challenges because I enjoy shorter and longer books, but I do keep track of all the books that I've read on Goodreads

A New Year is always a good time to make some resolutions, and many people decide that they would like to do more reading. If this is you, here are some tips!

Have a big to be read pile. Reading doesn't need to be an expensive hobby - borrow books from friends and family, visit the library, buy second hand online and in charity shops or download free Kindle books. Make sure that it's a pile of books that you definitely want to read and is filled with different genres and lengths, so you always have something to choose from depending on your mood. 

Seek out book recommendations. Find books that appeal to you and that you really want to read. You can browse libraries and book shops, keep an ear out on social media for books that people are enjoying or ask fellow readers. Look for other books by authors that you've enjoyed, follow new releases and find books which have been shortlisted for major awards. There are also plenty of curated lists of books, for example this one of books you've always meant to read.

Don't get hung up on a particular reading target. Some books I can read in a day, some take several weeks. I don't want to feel as though I need to get to a certain number read over the year or a certain number of pages each day, I just want to be reading.

Don't persevere with a book that isn't gripping you. Even if it's one that a friend loved, that you spent a lot of money on, or were really looking forward to reading. There are so many books out there that it's not worth wasting time on one that doesn't grab you, and it will put you off reading if you don't want to pick up your book. You'll notice on my Goodreads that the vast majority of books I've read are rated four or five star. This doesn't mean that I've not picked up books that I don't enjoy, I've just not finished them!

Pile of new books in a store
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Carry a book around with you. I take a book with me for school pick up and any time that I might find myself waiting around.

Plan holiday reading. Whenever I have a holiday planned I always spend time carefully choosing the books that I take with me, although some types of holiday have more reading opportunities than others. If you are lucky enough to be going away think about when you might have some reading time and plan accordingly. Sometimes a change to the usual routine means that you can find that extra time.

Always have a book close at hand. I carry a book around the house with me during the day to read during those odd spare moments - while I'm making dinner, brushing my teeth, or whenever I find myself with a few spare minutes, before it comes up to bed with me at night.

Just take the time to sit and read. I like to put my phone in a different room to avoid distraction and then I just settle down with a book. My favourite time of day to read is just before bed, although sometimes I do find that it makes me sleepy! If you are lucky you will find that other people in your household will copy your behaviour, and you can all sit and enjoy some peaceful reading time together.

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  1. I read 6 books this year which is a lot for me and I am going to try to double that next year. Fab advice. I found reading instead of scrolling pointlessly on social media was great for me.


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