Thursday 15 November 2012

Felt Christmas stocking decorations

These little felt stockings are based on some that my Mum made when we were little. They are to be used instead of hanging chocolates on the tree - they are sized to fit a miniature sized chocolate bar, or they can hold several individually wrapped chocolates.

How to make felt stocking decorations for Christmas

First I made a template for the stockings on paper by drawing around a small chocolate bar to make sure that the sizing was correct. Then I cut out the two halves from red felt and sewed them together by hand. I cut out the trim from white felt and glued it along the top. The gold yarn has been sewn in for hanging, and the beads have been glued on for decoration.

There are lots of ways that you could decorate these simple stockings - perhaps with scraps of fabric or ribbon, embroidery, sequins or buttons. You could also make up some blank felt stockings and let your children decorate them by sticking things on.

How to make felt stocking decorations for Christmas

I think that they'd also make a great Advent calendar. You could make one for each day to count down to Christmas and hide a small sweet or Christmas message inside each one.

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  1. I love using felt to make stocking and crafts for holiday's. Thanks for the post.


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